How DSL Works

Sooo, I’ve been taking a networking class online, and it has been consistently surprising me with really interesting information. I wanted to share that info with others, but wasn’t really feeling a series of blog posts. :/ Then I remembered some awesome zines (which is short for fanzine for those of you who are on my same level of un-hipness) I had seen recently, and it seemed like a fun medium to try out!

So one vacation and a lots of sketches later, I present, my first ever zine! woooo

Some entertaining notes/insight into my eccentricities – my internet handle is luccacabra, so it seemed fitting that the main character in the zine would be a chupacabra. However, it turns out chupacabras are actually incredibly terrifying creatures, so I took some artistic license with the character’s design. Also, chupacabra roughly translates to goat-sucker, so I thought it’d be fun to make the supporting characters a bunch of different goats, because my sense of humor is super fun like that. Also the first time I drew Ralph, he just looked like a Ralph, so I decided that’d be his name.


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