How To: S3 Multi-Region Replication (And Why You Should Care)

If you’re familiar with the idea of multi-region replication, feel free to skip to the Overview section. If you don’t know what multi-region replication is, why it’s important, or aren’t convinced that it is, I’d like you to imagine you’ve just sat down to breakfast in a small cafe. You’ve had a long night and your body is craving some refined sugar, so you decide to order a stack of toast (obvs).

After what seems like ages, your waiter finally returns with the promised mountain of carbs. You groggily reach for a slice, and in a moment of awe, realize that the toast has a depiction of a pug emblazoned on it. A PUG! You nearly collapse into tears of joy – if only you could bring this bliss to other toast lovers across the world! But wait! You remember that once upon a time you spent 4 years in an ivy league university learning the complex inner workings of all things computer.

Time to put that CS degree to work!

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