Puppy Vector Art – iPad Edition

I recently moved into a much larger home than where I was previously, and took the opportunity to exercise my interior decorating muscles. While that mostly consisted of furniture rearrangement and cleaning my fridge out for the first time in half a year, I decided to try my hand at decorating a small nook for my floof.

First thing I decided I needed was some sweet customized wall art, because I honestly don’t think the heated temper-pedic bed and monogrammed food bowls were letting Kirby know how much I loved (spoiled) her.

While searching around on Etsy, I saw some pretty cool vector art. And while I’m all for supporting other artists, the move had left me a little more conscious of my finances, so I decided I’d do some designing myself. Also, I just don’t think Kirby would have appreciated it as much if I didn’t personally slave over it. I also realized I hadn’t finished any piece of art I’d started on the iPad I got a few months ago, so the stars aligned for me to create…


from the original image…


For those that are curious, the vector app I ended up using was called InkPad. It was $1.99 from the Apple Store, but was really worth the cost. I have numerous other drawing apps, but InkPad really nails the vector aspect.

Anyway, that’s all I had for this post. Just wanted to share with you all! (:

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